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Locksmith : ""Locksmith" means any person who, for any consideration or compensation whatsoever, engages, directly or indirectly and as a primary or secondary object, in the business of rekeying, installing, repairing, opening, modifying locks, or who originates keys for locks.["

Locksmith Anne Arundel County

Comprehensive Home Lock Services

Sleep easier at night with home lock services from our Annapolis locksmith company. From lock rekeying to remote lock control, ideal for those with mobility or health concerns, The Anne Arundel Home Services Company covers all of your residential lock needs. We offer all top products and can get you just the right lock to match your home’s overall decor, we’ll narrow down the exact style of lock, finish, and keyway that you need. 

Along with typical door locks, we offer many other services, including:

  • Latch Guard Installation
  • Rekeying
  • Key Fitting for Luggage, Lockers, & File Cabinets
  • High Security Medeco & Primus Locks
  • New Hardware Installation
  • Door & Jam Reinforcement
  • Mortise-Style Lock Set Repair
  • Rebuilding, & Replacement
  • Unlocking, Lockpicking

If you get locked out, call AACO Home to unlock your door. Avoid scam companies that advertise $19 and up, or you will end up paying up — way up, into the hundreds. We charge less than $150 to unlock your door any time of day, and we use lockpicks so there is no damage to your lock or door. We’ll have you inside in less than an hour from the time you call. Your own key will continue to work after we unlock your door.

AACO Home is one of the only businesses in Annapolis & throughout Anne Arundel County that will be there for you and your home at a truly affordable price. 


At AACO Home, we offer personalized solutions for every customer. Our goal is to ensure that you love the addition for your home. So, our dedicated team will talk to you about your preferences, and work hard to complete your project making your vision become a reality. You can rest assured to know that you will receive top-notch installation, the best finishes, and unbeatable attention to detail. Spending money on a remodel or addition to your home is a great way to maximize your equity in the property. This investment will increase the value, so you can take advantage of the high Anne Arundel real estate prices when you are ready to sell in the future.

Ready To Talk? 

AACO Home is your AACO Shoreline Construction Company!


"I designed my kitchen for over 2 months, then started pricing out contractors and they all wants over 10k and my budget was 7, i knew I could find a licensed Anne Arundel County company who would work within my budget, AACO HOME DID! AND DID IT WELL!
Christopher's Designs - Annapolis MD 

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